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The Power of the Triangle

Last night, I read a post by Lisa Gawlas that rang a bell deep inside of me. You can read her post here. (highly recommended!) She spoke about the Triad – a group of three. It made me think of a triangle and took me back to 2002 and some pretty significant spiritual work that I did with two of my friends – working together as a Triad.

Working together spiritually in threes is extremely powerful, because it multiplies your spiritual energy. Spirit explained at the time that the energy of 3 becomes 3x3x3 – the energy of 27! Numerologically, 27 becomes 9 – the number of completion. Working in a triangle creates a double vortex of energy which brings up the energy from the Earth in the centre of the triangle and creates a gate for the Light to enter at the same time.

In our case one would anchor the energy, the second would build the energy, and the third would use the energy with intent to do what needed doing.We had the most amazing, and almost instant confirmation when we worked like this. We were only directed to work like this twice, once to stop negative energy from blocking the energy of the Light coming through the Dragon lines after I had opened the gate on the hill, and once to open a doorway for the Light to enter on a much larger scale. The second time two of us were on holiday at the same time, one of my friends was in Egypt and I was in Greece, while my other friend stayed at home in the UK. We hadn’t planned it that way at all – we only found out that we were going away at the same time after we’d booked it.

Having worked together with my friends in a triangle/triad before, I realised that we’d physically be forming another triangle – an enormous one! Knowing how powerful being in a triangle would make what we did, I knew that this could only have been arranged by Spirit. Exactly what we were supposed to do, I didn’t know until I meditated and was told that we would be opening a door to the Light. I wondered at the time why Spirit had used the word ‘door’, as It had used the word ‘gate’ before. Mentioning this to my friends, we quickly found out why. While my friend was in Egypt, they would be opening a door in the Great Pyramid for the first time – symbolic for the door we would be opening – and there was great speculation at the time about what they might find.

Coming home after seeing my friends, I decided to have a look on my map, to get an idea of how large this triangle would be. I ended up drawing it on the map and found out that Mount Etna, Italy, was right in the centre of our triangle! Knowing how powerful our energies would be in a triangle, I also knew that this would bring up what was in the centre of the triangle – which meant that an eruption of Mount Etna was very likely to be a result of our work! I asked Spirit for confirmation and was told that I was right, so I asked if It would please make sure that there would be no casualties. Spirit gave It’s assurance and I called my friends to tell them straight after, as the two of us would be going on holiday within days.

My own holiday was overall quite uneventful – I know now that I was in Greece to build the energy, while our friend in the UK was anchoring – but our friend in Egypt had a wonderful time. When we were both back home and met up with our other friend, she told us that she was just a bit disappointed, because the door that had been opened in the Great Pyramid had revealed nothing but a corridor. We realised that this was in fact confirmation that our task had been completed, because it symbolised the door and the corridor to the Light of the 5th dimension which were now open. The most mind-blowing confirmation was yet to come however. Exactly three weeks (there’s that number 3 again) after my return, Mount Etna erupted! It was one of the biggest eruptions in a long time, with a column of smoke at least a mile high, but thankfully without casualties, as Spirit had promised. Could we have had any bigger confirmation? I think not!🙂

You can read the whole story in my book The Mystery of Self.


A few months ago, I found a rough quartz crystal up on the hill where I walk my dogs. I picked it up and put it in my pocket. I couldn’t really say why I picked it up at the time, as there are many like it up there. When I got home, I cleaned it and put it on my window sill, and promptly forgot all about it – until today. In my meditation today, I was told that I would need a rough quartz crystal to transfer the Knowledge of the New Crystalline Grid into, which was stored in my heart chakra. After transferring the information, I had to bury this crystal up on the hill, where I had opened the Gate to the Light 10 years ago. (see Dragon Fire-2) I remembered the crystal I had picked up months ago, and asked Spirit whether it was suitable to hold the information. I was told that it was, and that this was why I had been guided to pick it up and take it home.

I wondered why I had to do this, because even though I had initially thought I had opened a gate in the Earth, I had been told last year that I myself was in fact the gate or portal to the Light. (see Becoming a Portal of Light) Spirit explained that even though I was the portal through which the Light had entered the Earth, the New Crystalline Grid had to be anchored in this place, because it was a node where the Ley lines or Dragon lines cross, and therefore a powerful energy point for the New Grid. I asked how I could transfer the information from my heart centre into the crystal and was told to hold it against my heart and open my heart centre, which I did. I visualised the information transferring from my heart chakra into the crystal.

When it was finished, I took my dogs up the hill for their walk. As it was Sunday, the day when ‘the world and his wife’ seem to take their dogs for walks in the nature reserve on the hill, I was quite surprised to find that there was nobody around.  I suppose the stormy weather may have had something to do with this, but I know Spirit can arrange anything. So I took the crystal, which I had kept close to my heart, out in order to bury it. I was amazed to feel heat radiating from it – it felt vibrantly alive, as if the information had energized it. I dug a small hole where I was directed to and placed it inside. Then I covered it over with soil and stood there for a minute. I felt as if I wasn’t quite there, seeing a different scenery of a peaceful forest glade with large stones standing in a row. (see New Pieces of the Puzzle) I had a strong sense of completion and asked Spirit whether I was right in feeling that I had completed my task, which It confirmed. With this, I felt myself embraced by and becoming ONE with Gaia and all of nature. I felt such enormous Love and gratitude, that it brought tears to my eyes.

As I eventually continued my walk, I felt so light and free, as if a great weight had been taken off my shoulders, which confused me in a way, because I hadn’t considered my task a burden at all – if anything, I’d found it quite exciting. I have no idea what will be next in this ascension process for me, but it seems to be aimed at ‘cutting loose’ from everything I have known to find a freedom that is way beyond anything I can imagine right now.

Circles of Life

I love to go out into nature and soak in the peace and beauty, as it makes my soul sing.  I feel at home in nature and lately I’ve caught myself daydreaming about living in the woods, somewhere quiet, where I could commune with the trees and animals all the time, the kind of life I was shown as described in my post A Dream of the Forest.

Last weekend, I was hobbling around with sciatica due to a bad back. Because walking usually loosens things up, I took my dogs for a walk. Walking didn’t do any good this time however, and as I came by the tree that I commune with regularly, I stopped for a chat. Whenever I make a connection with this tree, I always have an instant feeling of relaxation and expansion. This time, as I embraced the tree with the Love in my heart and felt every bit of tension leave my body, I acted on impulse, and asked whether it could help with the pain in my back and leg. For a few moments, I had a sense of being the tree. I felt my roots, deep in the ground, the solid strength of my trunk, and the wind playing with my branches and leaves. I felt a deep inner peace that I totally surrendered myself to. When I came back to myself, I thanked the tree for this wonderful experience, and carried on walking. I had gone no more than about twenty yards, when I felt something shift in my back and the pain totally disappeared. I was walking normally, without any pain at all! Later that day, I stopped by the tree again, just to thank it from the bottom of my heart for the healing it had given me, and in such a wonderful way. Since then, it has also helped me with a bad shoulder.

Since the end of May, when I first managed to communicate with this tree (see The Love of the Trees), it has become a close friend, and I often tell it what’s on my mind. Today, I was telling it about how close I feel to nature and that I would love to live in the woods, to which I received an unexpected answer. It told me that this was no surprise, as one of my earliest lives here on Earth had been as a tree spirit, an elemental, as it was. This confused me for a moment, and I wondered whether I had heard it right. It must have felt my confusion, as it went on to ask me how I thought I could have carried the elemental guardian to take it to the top of the hill in my body, before opening the Gate. (see Dragon Fire -1& 2) I replied that I’d asked at the time, and had been told that a temporary adjustment had been made to my body to accommodate it. The tree told me that the ‘blueprint’ of my life as a tree spirit had been used to enable me to do this. This caused me to have a bit of an epiphany. It made perfect sense, considering the way I had felt when I had carried the elemental to the top of the hill. It had felt wrong to walk somehow, as my legs had felt like wood, my body had felt stiff and solid, and I’d felt as if the wind was blowing through my head! (see The Mystery of Self – Chapter 10 – Earth Power) It went on to tell me that I had had many human lives during which I had lived amongst and communicated with the trees.

After thanking the tree and embracing it with my Love, I carried on with my walk. I have to admit that this knowledge blew my mind somewhat. The Truth of it resonates deep in my heart however and I have no doubt that the tree was right. While going over it in my mind, I was suddenly shown the Flower of Life, and I realised that linear thought could never encompass a Truth as big as this. In life, we always go around in circular patterns, to revisit where we started, so that we can decide whether we want to go around the same circle again, or start a new one. Because we come back full circle each time, if we are aware enough to learn the lesson in each circle, we are able to start a new circle each time, so creating the Flower of Life. The circle I was shown was just a bit bigger than usual!🙂

An experiment in Manifestation

For months now, we’ve been told that, as the energies of the Shift get stronger, we will be able to manifest what we want or need much faster and easier than before. So since we’ve had nothing but rain, wind and cold for what seems like forever here in the south of England, I decided a while ago to try to manifest dry weather whenever I had to go out, and without wanting to sound blasé about it, it really is quite easy to do. I mentally tell the sky that I have to go out in about half an hour, and that I would like it to be dry. Every time I think it might rain, I tell myself to stop thinking that way, and to trust that it will be dry. You may think that I’m imagining things, but I’ve been doing this for at least a month now, and it really does work.

Now as much as I’ve tried to live in joy, when ‘summer’ is as dismal as this, it’s not easy to find your joy, let alone live it. As it was starting to make me feel down, I had to think of a way to do something about it. So a few days ago I decided that if I can manifest dry weather for 45 minutes whilst walking my dogs twice a day, then I must be able to manifest summer for myself as well. As I don’t like to be cold, I mentally ask for the temperature to rise and for the sun to come out. I just trust that it will be dry, warm and sunny. I have to admit that it isn’t always sunny (although it often is, even if only for five or ten minutes), but I’m quite comfortable in a summer dress, and it’s always dry. The only exception to wearing summer clothes is when I walk my dogs, as I wear wellington boots, because the mud is about three inches deep in the nature reserve where I take them. I haven’t been cold or wet in days now, apart from when I had a fall due to slipping on the sodden grass a couple of days ago. It often starts raining as soon as I’m inside again. There is of course no denying that it is a miserable, wet summer, but at least I know I can go out whenever I want to and be warm and dry. All it really takes is a knowing that it will be the way you want it to be, although a feeling of Oneness with nature helps.

Recently, my youngest daughter has picked up on the fact that whenever I go out, even though it’s been raining all day, it seems to be dry as soon as I go out, and stays dry until I come back. And when everyone is walking around in their rain gear, I’m in a summer dress and don’t seem to feel cold. She asked me how I manage it, so I told her, and she’s been watching, trying to catch me out.🙂 This is obviously quite a minor example of how we can manifest what we want, but it’s an easy and harmless way to start and it gives me confidence that I will eventually be able to go on to manifesting more important things.

I’ve been aware for a long time that I have already manifested many things in my life, like love, peace and harmony, as well as a wonderful place to live, and so on. The difference is that I didn’t set out to manifest these situations consciously. I’ve worked towards them, and have basically followed the synchronicities created by my choices in life. Of course these were conscious choices, but it took years to manifest these situations. Trying to control the weather is really like ‘dipping my toe in the water’ of how the new energies could help us to empower ourselves, by learning to manifest what we want almost instantly. It’s stopped me feeling despondent, and besides that, it’s fun!🙂

Nature’s Magick

On a wild and stormy night

Deep in the woods and out of sight

The Elementals, Sidhe and Fey

And others following Nature’s way

Gather together among the trees

In anticipation of a grand release


They’ve waited aeons for this day

When all the density that held sway

Would eventually be lifted

Once the consciousness had shifted

And higher frequencies had come in

So their celebrations could begin


Through their time of long restraint

They’ve worked hard without complaint

Now the Light is here at last

Those days of darkness are the past

And they can feel their spirits rise

At the prospect of creating paradise


The cleansing process alone remains

With lightning strikes and thundery rains

Their wild magick is unleashed and free

As the whole of creation is soon to be

And so the celebration starts

As they feel the freedom in their hearts.


When you go out for walks in Nature

Feeling the peace with a sense of rapture

Drinking in the beauty all around

With the deep joy of freedom found

Please send loving thoughts Nature’s way

And thank the Elementals, Sidhe and Fey.



Places of Power and Portals of Light

Although it had been beautiful, warm summer weather when my daughter and I left to go to Stone Henge for the Solstice, it soon changed to high winds, torrential rain and flash floods during our drive through the night. We arrived in plenty of time, only to find that we were not allowed anywhere near the stones. The police had cordoned the whole area off and made it look like a prison camp, with fences and massive flood lights everywhere. Having only been there for the winter Solstice before, I hadn’t expected anything like that. We ended up having to park the car four miles away and walking to the stones in three inches of mud, as we weren’t allowed to walk on the road, which was cordoned off. By the time we arrived we had missed the actual Solstice by ten minutes which, as you can imagine, we weren’t too happy about. However, despite the rain, there was a big crowd and quite a festive atmosphere, with drumming and dancing going on. We stayed for a while, until the rain started coming down heavy again. After walking the four miles back, we decided to go straight to the campsite, where we set up our tents in the pouring rain. You can put up with torrential rain for a day or so when camping, but it soon becomes too miserable when it carries on day and night. When you’re wet, cold and can’t get warm, there’s not much else to do but give in, so the next day we cut our holiday short and came back home.

We had planned to go to Avebury and Glastonbury as well, as I had been asked to open portals to the Light and anchor it there. Initially, I had wanted to open a portal at Stone Henge, but as I had tried to go there in meditation a couple of days before we left, it was made clear to me that I wasn’t supposed to. This confused me at first, but then I remembered that the last time I had been there, for the winter Solstice a few years ago, I had had a strange experience. I had opened myself to the Light and had found it impossible to connect with the Light energy which I had expected to find there – there was none. I could sense some very deep down in the Earth, but could not connect with it, as something was barring me from it. When probing this barrier, I had a strong sense of darkness and something that made me feel physically sick. I realised that the energy of Stone Henge must have been corrupted, so badly that it will take a lot more than me to cleanse it. This time, I shielded myself as soon as I felt it and decided not to open up until I sensed Light energy, be it from the Henge itself or from the people there. I was very disappointed, as there was none at all from the Henge, like before, and considering the amount of people there, I sensed precious little Light. I had the feeling that all the energy that was being built there, by this crowd of people, was being ‘sucked into the ground’, and I found it depressing.

As I knew that I could only open portals in meditation, away from the actual place, it didn’t matter that we didn’t go to Avebury or Glastonbury, although I would have liked to have gone just to enjoy the wonderful energy. So today, in meditation, I opened portals to the Light in both places. I experienced the energy of Avebury as a warm, welcoming hug. Its energy chakra is like a double spiral – one going in and the other going out, making a wonderfully balanced energy. I experienced it as a definite feminine vortex of energy however, as the Dragon Fire spiralled straight down, deep into the Earth as soon as I opened the portal to the Light. In contrast, the energy chakra of the Tor in Glastonbury, although also a double, well balanced chakra, I experienced more as a masculine energy vortex, as the Dragon Fire spiralled around and out, staying on the surface and spreading by way of the Dragon lines rather than going into the Earth.

I have opened myself to the Light in both of these places before and had some wonderful experiences – I had a sense of flying around the Tor with the Light for instance and looking down at it from high in the sky. However, I wasn’t aware at that time that the use of Dragon Fire – which is far more powerful – was my own ability. When I opened the first gate or portal ten years ago, I thought it was something Spirit allowed me to do. Nor was I aware of the fact that I would be able to use the Dragon Fire again. Don’t get me wrong, I would never use it without first consulting Spirit, as there may well be reasons for not opening a portal that I’m not aware of at the time. (like at Stone Henge) Once I had opened these two portals however, I felt like I was being pulled in three directions at once, and I realised that keeping the three portals open on my own was too much for me alone. Just as I thought to ask for help with managing this, two of the Elohim appeared in front of me, saying they had come to help. Somehow, they blended their energies with mine, which made me feel totally euphoric. I felt the pulling stop instantly, although I was still aware of all three portals. I told the Elohim how grateful I was for their help, expecting that they would leave again, but they told me they would stay with me for as long as I needed them. I’m very aware that they are with me still, even now, six hours later. The Light and Power that they fill and surround me with is hard to put into words – it makes me feel such endless, humbling gratitude. I feel as if I’m light as a feather, walking on air, and wrapped in a warm quilt of Love.🙂

Dragon Fire – 3

The story of the Dragon Fire energy isn’t finished yet. At the time when I found my Dragon Fire, I had a friend called Geoff, who was very metaphysically minded and a very gifted visionary. (Geoff and his wife Annie have moved to Australia since then.) When I told him that I had opened a gate to the Light up on the hill, and how it had activated the dragon lines, he was very excited. When I had first told him about the ley or dragon lines, he had associated them with the story of St.George or St.Michael, who was supposed to have killed the dragon.

Knowing what we knew about dragon lines and their power at this point, it didn’t take an awful lot to realise which dragon this story was about. The Catholic Church had found a way to suppress the power of the dragon lines – or possibly found a way to use it for their own ends – and stopped people from using the Dragon Fire. Churches with this name had most probably been built on places of enormous Earth power, which would have been important places where Dragon Fire was used in ancient times, and of Druid/Pagan worship. The Catholic Church had taken over these places – usually by force – in an attempt to disempower the Druids, root out paganism and empower the Church. This could mean that this energy – anchored in the places where there was a church with this name – might stop the 5th dimensional Light energy in the dragon lines from doing its healing work and spreading all around the globe. We decided to find out what we could about church names and their locations.

Through a series of synchronicities, we ended up at a church of St.George about a week later. (see The Mystery of Self, Chapter 12, Universal Magick) This church was built on top of an earth work, and had a yew tree next to it, which was over a thousand years old. This tree was amazing, in that it was about eighty percent hollow, yet it was laden with fruit, which made us realise how potent the energy of the place must be. It turned out that there were in fact three yew trees on top of the earth work, which pointed to the strong possibility that this had once been a Sacred Grove. (In ancient times, Sacred Groves were places of sanctuary and worship for the Druids. Like a temple or chapel set within the natural world, they were places of spiritual refuge – places to calm the mind, refresh the spirit, and give comfort in times of distress.) Together with a friend, Geoff and I managed to lift the St.George energy, which showed as a dark dome in my spiritual vision. Although there are of course many such churches, I had been told by Spirit that by lifting the restraining energy at this church, we had symbolically lifted it at all the churches with this energy.

A couple of years ago, I came across a brilliant book called ‘The Sun and the Serpent’, by Paul Broadhurst and Hamish Miller. In the book, they describe their journey of discovery of what they have called the ‘St.Michael Line’, a ley or dragon line that spans right across the south of England, from Cornwall to Cambridgeshire. All along this major line, there are many ancient standing stones and other places of power, and many churches of St. Michael or St.George. Through his dowsing ability, Hamish Miller was able to prove that most of these places were crossing points of dragon lines, just like the place where I opened the gate. Their book proved how important knowledge of the dragon lines – and therefore Dragon Fire – must have been in ancient times – a knowledge that has been stolen from us all by the Catholic Church, and probably used for their own sinister ends.

Their second book, ‘The Dance of the Dragon’, ‘An Odyssey into Earth Energies and Ancient Religion’, is even more amazing, and comes highly recommended. The back of the book reads: ‘The Apollo/St Michael axis is a remarkable alignment of sacred sites stretching from Ireland, through Cornwall, France, Italy, Greece and Israel, marked by sanctuaries dedicated to the Archangel Michael and Apollo, the Greek God of Light. Over ten years, the authors travel the length of this 2,500 mile axis exploring the significance of earth energies in the siting of these sanctuaries. Rediscovered in this book is a profound principle that takes us back to the roots of religion, encoded in legend and myth. This demonstrates that earth energies were once at the core of a highly developed Natural Science responsible for determining the position and character of ancient sites.’