Kundalini and a Crystalline Body of Light

As I have described in my book about my spiritual journey (see  http://themysteryofself.wordpress.com/  ), I often compare the information I receive spiritually to pieces of a puzzle, given to me when I am ready to accept and understand what they mean and where they fit into the larger picture. There have been times when I thought I saw the picture, and accepted this as truth, only to find that it was only part of the truth when I was unexpectedly given another piece of the puzzle, which made the picture more complete and enriched my understanding of it.

Sometimes, while trying to see the bigger picture, it helps to go back in our memories of how we found the first piece of the puzzle or a piece that represented a real spiritual mile stone. So yesterday, in meditation, I decided to go back to what, in my book, I called ‘the conference room’. When I first found this ‘room’, it was full of people who represented my ‘inner authority figures’ – a whole framework of fears and limitations, or in other words, my human programming. As I had by then overcome all my other fears and barriers, they represented the last big barrier to finding and embracing my own power. As you can imagine, this could have been an almost impossible task, had I not realised that my spirit was completely free of any mental programming. So by giving my rational mind ‘a back seat’, going purely on my feelings and thereby giving my spirit free rein, I managed to overcome all of my programming through the Love of my spirit. In the end, the ‘conference room’ was filled with brilliant Light and I realised that there were shelves upon shelves of books all along the walls – records of wisdom I had gathered throughout all of my lifetimes, which had now become accessible to me. The soul is the memory bank of all the experiences we have had throughout all the lives we live and I now know the ‘room’ itself to be the high heart centre, also called the Seat of the Soul. Our spirit and soul are intricately linked, with the soul as the memory bank of the spirit, which is our inner divinity, our spark of Light or God-part, a facet of ALL.

It was the pure connection with my spirit that I was trying to find, and revisiting my ‘room’ and the memory helped me to find it. However, as described in my book, the next step after overcoming my human programming had been to find my power base, and I felt drawn to do the same this time. I went right down to the very bottom of my spiral stairs (also described in the ‘Shadow’ part of my Balance Meditations), where I again found the fertile place where I had planted the seeds of Love and Wisdom a few years ago (before joining with my own Power and igniting the Threefold Flame, also called the Rainbow Bridge or Antahkarana). By now, these seeds had grown into beautiful trees, which carried fruit, so I picked some of each and ate them. Looking around, I realised that my power base had also grown. Instead of the small cauldron of boiling magma that had been there before, there was now a small lake of what looked like blindingly brilliant, bubbling, liquid Light. Remembering the enormous progress I had made the last time by jumping into the cauldron (joining with my power) and allowing myself to be transformed, I jumped into the lake. As I was submerged in the liquid Light, I gave myself over to the feeling of infinite Love that enveloped me. I could feel my body liquefying and every part of me expanding, becoming one with the shiny liquid. I lost myself for a while. Some time later however, my body felt solid again and I became aware that my whole physical body was vibrating. I came up out of the liquid and looked at my hands, which had changed into a clear, crystalline material – and they shone!

As I became aware that the whole of my body had transformed into a clear crystalline material, the Light that filled me and shone off of me amazed me. I walked out of the lake and found myself at the base of my spine. I was in the centre of a bright red, spinning vortex and the crystalline energy of it seemed to communicate with my heart. Physically I felt a hot, burning pain at the base of my spine. I opened my heart and Love flowed from my heart into the chakra, which seemed to reduce the pain and moved me upward into my sacral chakra. This again interacted with my heart, and I again gave it Love. The physical pain I felt kept pace with me as I moved up my spine into my solar plexus chakra. The same interaction happened here and moved me up into my heart chakra, which was still a bright green vortex at the base, yet my high heart centre, which I experienced as a large vortex inside an inverted pyramid, shone with a pure, almost blinding white light. The interaction seemed more intense here, and filled me with infinite Love. If it hadn’t been for the pain that accompanied my journey up my spine, I would have liked to have stayed here for some time. The interaction repeated itself in my throat chakra. When I entered my third eye chakra, the most amazing scenery suddenly opened up in front of me. I recognized it as nature, but it was nothing like a normal nature scene. Everything was so vibrantly beautiful and lush, the colours were brighter then I’d ever seen them before, and the pure Light that filled and shone out from the trees, bushes, grass and water was awe inspiring. My Love flowed all over this scenery. The pain I experienced pushed me upwards, into my crown chakra, where the final interaction took place. I became aware of containing the whole rainbow spectrum of colours within me and saw my own amazing beauty in the pillar of Light that filled my new, crystalline body. Then with a sharp popping sound, I shot up and out of my body at an enormous speed.

When I eventually stopped, I had reached the plane where I experienced the Light as a pulse of Love and Power, which washed over me in waves. This time however, I seemed to become a part of the waves rather than having to surrender to them as I had before. To my surprise, I was greeted and warmly welcomed by several amazingly beautiful Beings of Light. They told me that they had come to honour me with a gift. They gave me a large, beautiful purple crystal, which they placed into my third eye chakra. I thanked them for their wonderful gift and embraced them all. They told me that it was important that I tell everyone about my experiences. After that, they left and my meditation finished.

As you might expect, when I came out of my meditation, and back in impatient human mode, the first thing I did was look at my hands, but they hadn’t changed of course. I heard gentle laughter, and was told that this had only been the first step. Physical transformation has to be a gradual process, or the body would be destroyed. I was reminded how, throughout my spiritual journey, I had taken the first steps spiritually, which brought things into consciousness, to be worked with and embraced on a mental level, after which the changes would gradually flow into the physical. By increasing my vibration through this process, it would eventually change my DNA. Transformation into my Crystalline Light Body would take time.

Since writing this, I have found a very informative video, which explains the power of the Seat of the Soul. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi6xLSniacE&feature=player_embedded

9 responses to “Kundalini and a Crystalline Body of Light

  1. w o w …
    You keep amazing me!

    Love, as always,

  2. Thanks Alexandra, it amazed me too!🙂 It’s not the kind of thing you plan and took me totally by surprise!🙂
    Love, Gabrielle

  3. Thank you Gabrielle. “I seemed to become a part of the waves rather than having to surrender to them as I had before” It feels good to me when yet another veil of separation is lifted to reveal ever greater unity and empowerment. Let this work bring us all closer in greater unity by transmuting and thinning veils of separation in the quantum field.

    Thank you for allowing me to post. I will post this article as well. Love and Peace, Cyrus

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  5. Thank you Gabrielle

    I loved reading this. I had a similar experience regarding a crystal being placed in my third eye. It was from St Germain. The title of the post was; St Germain, Lapis Lazuli and the Scarab Beetle … it is on my site.
    Really enjoying reading about your experiences.
    Much Love

  6. Hi Matariki,

    Thanks for your comment. I’ve just read your post about the lapis lazuli that was put into your third eye. Isn’t it amazing how these synchronicities keep happening? I love the way we’re given these pieces of the puzzle! It’s so exciting…..what will be next?!
    Much love, Gabrielle xx

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