Soul Light Resonance

For those who may have missed my last post, I have started a new blog, called Soul Light Resonance, and am continuing my writing about my insights and experiences on my new blog.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all followers of Synchronicity for your comments and support, and hope to see you all on Soul Light Resonance, where the journey continues.

Love, Gabrielle


Into the NEW

The Shift is all about leaving the old behind and beginning anew in the New Earth, and as the recent wave of energy has once again stepped-up in frequency, taking us faster than ever into whole new ways of BEing, I decided it was time to start a new blog as well. Synchronicity will still be available for you all to read whenever you like, but as you will have noticed, I haven’t written many posts lately. This is partly due to a busy life, but also because I feel that this blog is a part of my life that I now need to leave behind.

The NOW and the NEW is where it’s at, so here it is…… Soul Light Resonance
I hope all my readers will be pleased to read the posts on my new blog, which you’ll find slightly different from those here on Synchronicity. If you’re wondering what that means, please come and see for yourself. Hopefully I’ll see you all there!🙂

Love, Gabrielle


In my last post, I mentioned the feelings of expansion when I joined with my Light-Self during meditation, and how I surrendered to the Love and Light inside of me. Well, I never expected this expansion to manifest as quickly, or in the many ways that it has!

Within days of this meditation, many parts of my life started changing. Initially, there was mainly a sense of ‘something’ being different. Then there were the information ‘downloads’, especially during the first week, accompanied by some seriously hot flushes, which are still continuing, although not as frequently as before. There were and still are, times when I feel ‘absent’, as if I’ve gone elsewhere, although this somehow doesn’t interfere with anything I’m doing. I’ve noticed that I’ve started to intuitively connect things in my mind, much quicker than before, something which is getting easier all the time. It’s as if a whole new world of understanding has somehow opened up for me that I can access at any time. It’s as if I just KNOW the answers. Any new information I need also ‘falls into my lap’ synchronistically. Everything just seems to flow together effortlessly.

rainbowheartI’ve experienced very profound emotions as well, although this excludes negative emotions like anger. Out of the blue, I can feel totally euphoric, feeling so full of Love that I just overflow with it. The sheer beauty of a tree, a flower or scenery can be so overwhelming that it makes me cry, and I can feel so full of joy just to see the sun in a wonderful blue sky, that I want to dance or do summersaults. On the other hand, several times I’ve cried for hours, releasing some of the pain and suffering that people have inflicted on the animals – the innocents that came here out of Love, to help and support us through this Shift. This inner expansion has caused me to feel extreme joy, but also extreme sadness, which will probably continue until we’ve released literally every little bit of negativity.

I’ve been a herbalist for many years and I know that I was meant to do this work as a distinct guidance and many synchronicities led me here. Although it can be pretty stressful at times, since taking over the practice a couple of years ago, I’ve coped very well. However, I’ve never seen an influx of new clients like I’ve seen over the past couple of weeks – a sure sign that people are waking up – and I would normally have felt pretty stressed with the extra workload. Instead, I’ve been on a roll like never before! I’ve taken all the time needed during consultations, worked late into the night to make up treatments, send e-mails and do research and paperwork, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve never felt such a sense of satisfaction in my work before.

I’ve also found it easier to show myself more love. I haven’t worried about money for years because I know that Spirit never lets me go without, but when you’re bringing up a family, the children get whatever they need and the bills always get paid before you buy anything for yourself. Well, not anymore. I went out and bought myself a new mattress, so that I can be comfortable and sleep really well after a hard day’s work. I’m also pleasing myself by reorganising my home and saving for my next big holiday.

This expansion is already touching every aspect of my life, and I have the distinct feeling that there is a lot more to come. I hope you’re all able to allow these new expansive energies to change your lives. BEing in the FLOW makes life so much easier and feels far more natural than the way we used to live. We’re working towards complete FREEDOM after all!🙂

Horse - Freedom

Release and Transformation

Over the past week or so, many memories have come up to be released. I used to be confused about this, as I thought that I’d already worked through and released these memories before. However, this has happened so many times MayWeMoveinWholenessnow, that I’ve come to realise that every time we are confronted with the same thing again, we are being asked to release it on a deeper level than before. When there is something I need to release, I’m usually confronted with it in meditation first of all – the spiritual level. This causes me to ‘own it’ – embrace it as mine – and to release it on an emotional level, as I allow the tears to flow. Especially traumatic memories may need to be released on more than one emotional level, as they’re usually deeply buried and need to be worked on one step at a time.

As this process has brought it – whatever the memory or issue is – into consciousness, I can then work through it and hopefully release it on a mental level (again, possibly more than one level). Memories also have to be released on a physical level(s), because these negative energies may have been ‘stuck’ in our psyche for many years and caused us to have physical health problems because we’ve been unable to deal with them before they affected us physically. Of course all this releasing isn’t always easy and I often have to ask Spirit for help.

Today in my meditation, I asked for help to release all of my old life – everything that had gone before, everything I had been. Spirit’s answer was to show me the Being that I AM in Truth – a Being of Light and Power. A Being that exudes such infinite Love that the tears ran down my face with the sheer beauty of it and my heart leapt with the knowledge that I AM this beautiful Being.
When I embraced my Self – this Being of Light and Loving Power – it entered my physical body. Almost instantly, there was a feeling of growth, of expansion – and restriction. I surrendered in Trust to the Light and Love inside of me and felt my body begin to soften and liquefy, transforming into what felt like a gel-like substance – pliable, yet extremely strong – and stretching. When I looked around me, the Light shone brightly from my body and I became aware that everything the Light touched was crumbling and falling down. I stepped out of the rubble and into Freedom – into ALL. Nothing was hidden from me, nothing was inaccessible – there were no restrictions of any kind – I AM ALL.


As I stand here, incarnate
I ask for help to release everything
Who I was and how life was
The echoes of pain and suffering

I embrace all of who I was with Love
And allow myself to transform
For who I was has served me well
But I’m ready to be Reborn

My Light of Love shines forth
Transforming, helping me recall

Whatever was is now dissolved
REALITY only my Heart can FEEL
And I begin again as ONE
From NOW on only LOVE is REAL



White, Blue and Golden Light

In the past couple of months, I’ve seen many sparkles and flashes of Light – usually an electric blue or a brilliant white. One beautiful sunny day, as I walked from the woods into a field with my dogs, there were so many brightly sparkling specks of white Light – all at eye-height and higher – that I thought I had somehow walked into a different frequency – perhaps I had. They disappeared from view after a couple of minutes, but the experience left me feeling quite euphoric. My dogs didn’t seem to have noticed anything unusual.

The blue flashes appear more often, usually when I’m reading a book or daydreaming. Initially I didn’t really know what to think of them, but after a while, I just accepted that they were there – nothing unusual. I suppose it shows how easy it can be to get used to changes when you allow them to happen without questioning everything. I’ve just put them down to ‘visits’ from higher frequencies. They come and go so quickly and only stay for a split-second, that there’s not enough time to ask who or what came to visit.

Today in my meditation, I had a strange but wonderful experience. I put my focus into my heart space, as I usually do when I start my meditation, and opened myself to the Light now coming from Mother Earth, and of course to the Light of Spirit. Although feelings of Love and Joy flooded into me, the Light was quite dim for some reason and I felt that I had to go into another place in my body, so I allowed myself to be directed there. When I reached this place, I suddenly received an electric shock. golden lightning boltIt felt as if I’d been struck by lightning, and my whole body literally jolted with it, although there was no pain. The Light in this place was very golden and intense. This beautiful, warm golden Light took hold of me and propelled me forward on a journey through every cell of my body, after which it expanded to fill and surround me completely. I stayed in the Light’s wonderful golden glow for a while, before coming out of my meditation.
I didn’t really know how to take this experience. It had been wonderful and quite exciting, but in all the years I’ve been meditating, I’ve never experienced an electric shock like this. I also felt quite confused and initially couldn’t work out where in my body I had been. I know that the Solar Plexus is golden, but I’ve never before seen it so clearly or been so aware of it.

As synchronicity would have it, when I went online about an hour later, I came across this message from the Hathors, which is here, complete with a meditation that focuses on the Inner Sun – the Solar Plexus. I finished this meditation a little while ago and it’s had quite a profound effect on me. I saw the same wonderful golden Light, which vibrated – no electric shock this time – before throbbing and expanding with my heartbeat, to completely fill and surround me once again.

My feeling is that this is another new activation to help raise my vibration to a higher frequency. It’s exciting and I’ve had butterflies in my stomach all day, which I can only relate to this morning’s experiences. What new doors will this activation open? I guess I’ll have to wait and see……

Accepting the Truth of Experience

I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time, but didn’t know how I could possibly verbalise my experiences. I’m still not sure whether I’ll be able to now, but I’ll have a go.

Going into a new year wasn’t a big thing for me, because I’ve grown away from the whole ‘calendar thing’ whilst on this spiritual journey. The Gregorian calendar our society lives by was only created to control the masses and change their ‘pagan ways’. The natural calendar follows the cycles of the moon, of which there are 13 in a lunar year, which would have ended on the shortest day, at the winter Solstice. So in that respect, January 1st was no different for me than any other day. It was a very special day for me however, for a very different reason. I felt an enormous influx of Love that day. I felt hugged and wrapped up in Love, which made me feel totally euphoric. The Light of Source was so strong that I was able to immerse myself in it all day without the need to meditate. The euphoria subsided over the next few days – probably because of my own adjustment to this new frequency – but I’ve no doubt that it was a taste of wonderful things to come.

My meditations since then have taken me way beyond anything I’ve experienced before. They’ve shown me my Self as a multifaceted and Multi-D Beingmultidimensional Being which can experience everything, everywhere and everywhen at once with complete awareness. I guess the best way to describe it would be as knowing and experiencing my Self to be a quantum Being of infinite consciousness and power, living in the Light of infinite Love and possibility.

These experiences have exploded and disintegrated all ideas of who I thought myself to be and stretched my sense of Self way beyond anything I ever could have imagined. I’ve had this kind of experiences before – you feel like the rug’s been pulled out from under your feet, sending you flying with nothing to hold on to. When I’ve had experiences of this nature before, I’ve always been able to re-think and adjust my ideas and my outlook on life as a human being. Then, I still saw myself within the confines of living a human life, as someone who could from this position connect with Spirit and higher frequencies. This time however, there is nothing physical left for my mind to relate to. Having experienced who I AM in Truth, my mind can find nothing to relate to in order to start re-thinking and adjusting like before. I have become Spirit and the higher frequencies and there is no ‘position’ to hold onto and work from. I feel as if I’m still flying with only Light and Love to hold on to. It’s confusing, but not frightening at all because my spirit is in its element. My human mind is pretty confused about it all however.

I know with all my heart that what I’ve experienced is the Truth of who I AM, but I can’t explain it any better than I have. Just thinking about trying to put into words what it’s like to – in complete awareness – experience my Self in many different dimensions at once is literally a mind-boggling experience. It throws my mind into total turmoil because it has no answers, so I’m taken straight back into the experience, making me feel dizzy and disorientated whilst in my human body. There are no human terms to fully describe the COMPLETE-ness, the WHOLE-ness of who I AM in Truth – the human mind just cannot encompass it. All I can do is to accept the Truth as I’ve experienced it.

Greater Self

Dreams of Magick and Ascension

About a week into my holiday, I started having two different dreams. They were very vague to start with, and I couldn’t remember what they were about. By the time I was home again they’d become so persistent, that they woke me up 3 or 4 times a night and I finally started to remember them. Like many dreams, they were quite symbolic and it took me a while to be able to explain them.

In the first dream –the most persistent and confusing one – I had opened a Seal in the Earth in Thailand. Exactly how I had managed to do this wasn’t clear. The Seal was very beautiful, made of gold and elaborately engraved with an ancient script. I saw myself standing in front of an enormous crowd, offering this Seal to the Thai people. It was accepted with much gratitude and great ceremony. I knew that opening this Seal had allowed the ancient Magick of Lemuria to return. Then I saw several fierce looking giants wake up, rise from the Earth and take up a guarding position.

Although I had some idea what this dream might be about, I wasn’t at all sure, so in the end I meditated on it to get some answers. I was told that survivors of Lemuria had fled to this area (Thailand), bringing with them the higher knowledge of Magick from Lemuria. They had sealed this Magick in the Earth to prevent it being abused, until a time when the people were ready to receive it and work with it. That time had come, and as I had been one of the original inhabitants of Lemuria, my Light had been needed to open the Seal. What I had perceived as giants in my dream were spiritual guardians, there to ensure that the Magick would not be abused.

I had known before I went away that there was a reason why we went to Thailand, because although we had considered several different destinations, none of them had anywhere near the same appeal. At the time, I had asked Spirit what the reason for this was, to which I’d had no answer. I would never have believed that this could be the reason!


In my second dream I was in a lift or elevator, coming up. There was a large group of us and we were all dressed in drab, grey clothes, looking dusty and sooty, which gave me the impression of miners coming up from deep in the earth. We passed many different levels in this lift and one of us mentioned that we were being watched, which we all agreed with, as we felt it too.

I woke up one morning with the meaning of this dream very clear in my mind. We (miners) were coming up from deep down inside the earth and passing many different levels in the lift. We were aware of being watched/others were aware of us coming up in the lift, as they were watching us. So there is an awareness of coming up – Ascending – from deep down inside, through many different levels – AND – there is awareness on many different levels that we’re coming up – Ascending – from the lower vibrational levels, because we’re being watched.

Both perspectives are true, as we – humanity – have been digging deep inside – mining – for Truth, to be able to come up (Ascend) from the lower vibrational level that we were on, having to go through many vibrational levels to become aware. (of Spirit, watching us) From the other perspective, the world of Spirit is aware on many different levels that we are coming up – Ascending – from the lower vibrational level that we were on.

This dream confirms that Ascension is in fact happening and Being ALL, it follows that we are aware of both perspectives. The human part of us – the lower vibrational part – is becoming aware of Ascending and of our Greater – higher vibrational – part, and the Greater part of us is aware of the human part Ascending.

(As you know, I’m not a great lover of using the word Ascension, as many people take it literally, but there is no better word to explain the symbolism of this dream.)